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After having spent over 25 years in the merchant services and payment industry, I experienced firsthand the need for better solutions that keep up with the expectations of both businesses and customers. This led me to enter into the Blockchain space several years back when I was able to see the clear market use-cases for distributed ledger technology (DLT) and decentralized payment systems.

Rhythm Technologies strive to help bring these solutions to the financial and trading industries in impactful and solution-focused ways using our knowledge, while offering consulting services for blockchain projects, including marketing, finance, legal, and funding advising.
Ritas Ziupsnys CEO of Rhythm Technologies

Blockchain and cryptocurrency should not be seen as buzzwords added on to technology projects to drum up interest, but rather, they are an inevitability of technology progression. Companies and products have a need to go beyond innovation for the sake of innovation and implement blockchain solutions as integral components of their products for the benefit of their customers, while simultaneously understanding that the goal is to impact the value and usability without the necessity of informing customers how the backend works.

Talented individuals and teams are building technologies that will revolutionize the world of finance and more. Crypto assets are a multi-trillion dollar sector that is only now just being imagined. 


Many startups, along with blockchain initiatives within established companies, tend to fail to reach desired outcomes or even fail outright due to deficiencies in key areas. This is where Rhythm Technology shines by providing a full service suite of support and advisory services to solve these linchpin failure points.

We are committed to offering quality opportunities for our clients, and we are positioned to bring highly vetted projects to market using our years of experience. Our team includes seasoned trading veterans, entrepreneurs, legal counsel, compliance and marketing professionals.