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Rhythm Technologies inspires change by empowering, developing, and cultivating projects.

92% of Blockchain Projects Have Failed. We Get You Into the 8% That Succeed.

Many startups, along with blockchain initiatives within established companies, tend to fail to reach desired outcomes or even fail outright due to deficiencies in key areas. This is where Rhythm Technology shines by providing a full service suite of support and advisory services to solve these linchpin failure points. Whether this be sourcing funding, marketing strategies, legal counsel, business strategy, fund management, and more, our goal is to assist other businesses in achieving theirs.We understand that you have great ideas and plans for innovation and industry disruption, and we unburden teams from the ancillary tasks and worries of covering all bases necessary to truly thrive. Even though many projects have failed due to multiple failures, a single misstep can lead to a complete breakdown within a company. These stresses are what we aim to eliminate with our diverse range of expertise and advisory services.


The Average Lifespan of a Blockchain Project is Less Than 1.5 Years

Development and execution of blockchain solutions tend to be long, arduous endeavors. Many promising technologies and projects in the space have fallen short of coming to fruition, often times from mismanagement of funds or legal complications. Having a 5 year roadmap means nothing when the doors close and the lights turn off for the last time only one year into development.





We believe in the transformative power of technologies to deliver positive, productive and global change. With the combined experience of more than five decades of building companies, the founders of Rhythm Technologies have continually helped innovators take advantage of new opportunities that weather the changing economic landscape. Rhythm Technologies seeks significant opportunities that, through innovation and efficient implementation, have the potential to dislocate markets in various industries. We believe success is built by a combination of advisory support, capital, and strong working relationships.

We are committed to offering quality opportunities for our clients, and we are positioned to bring highly vetted projects to market using our years of experience. Our team includes seasoned trading veterans, entrepreneurs, legal counsel, compliance and marketing professionals.

Talented individuals and teams are building technologies that will revolutionize the world of finance and more. Crypto assets are a multi-trillion dollar sector that is only now just being imagined. A paradigm shift is underway and blockchain technology is here to stay, and if you are part of this wave of innovation, or part of a team that is, we are eager to talk.